My name is Sona Ozorakova, and I am a freelance translator of English into Slovak and English lecturer.                                                  

I love and enjoy translation . When translating I can still learn something new, something - what I would otherwise not come into, or what I would not be interested in. It's an interesting job where I have to emphasis on the fact, not to change the meaning of what the author wanted to say or how to translate technical paper, so that all the elements have been retained. When translating I verify information on the Internet or consult it with an English native speaker. I always think how to do the translation the best, and to preserve the original meaning of the sentence.
As a freelancer, I am able to offer an excellent time flexibility including weekend and overnight work. I am aware that customers require much more than just an usual service. Thus, I offer fully customized services and cooperate closely with my partners and clients.                                                                                                                                             

Translation: abstracts and thesis, subtitles to video recordings, websites, promotional materials, musicals, songs, documentaries, economic texts, various contracts, menus, and everything which require absolute quality of the translation.